How to Journal with your little one

Thoughts on journaling?

I got into journaling about a year ago, and really believe in the power of journaling, and the impact it can have on your life if you use it consistently.

When i discovered the Malpaper journal for kids, i was a little sceptical, but i think that was because my little one wasn't quite old enough to journal yet, i mean she hadn't long learnt to write...but the more i looked into the benefits for kids, the more i thought i need this brand for The Little Place, and so here we are.

 In a world buzzing with screens and noise, there's something enchanting about the simple act of putting pen to paper. Introducing our little ones to the wonders of journaling is like giving them a passport to their own imaginations – a world where thoughts, and dreams come to life.


🌟 Blank Pages, Infinite Possibilities: Journaling empowers kids to explore their emotions, jot down their adventures, and document their journey through childhood.


🌈 A Rainbow of Expression: From colourful drawings to handwritten tales, journaling allows our young artists and storytellers to express themselves freely.


📝 Building Essential Skills: Beyond its artistic joys, journaling nurtures valuable skills. Writing promotes literacy, boosts communication skills, and cultivates a love for self-expression.


🧡 Embracing Reflection: Through the pages of their journals, kids can revisit cherished memories, celebrate personal growth, and learn to understand themselves better.


🎉 Inspiring Connections: Sharing journaling experiences can become a delightful family tradition. Imagine sitting together, flipping through pages filled with stories and musings, building bonds that span generations.


So as its back to school next week, and year 2 for my little one, we've decided to start journalling today, in the build up to back to school, and then going forward as she navigates her new school year.

I'll share our journey along the way and let you know how she gets on, and if anyone has started journaling with their little one already, please give us any tips you may have, over on Instagram or Pinterest and let us know how it's going for you.

We're excited to get started! ✨⁠