How to Care for your Hunza G Swimwear


Due to the fine knit of the Hunza G fabric, their swimwear can last a lifetime if looked after with extra care. To ensure longevity of your Hunza G swim, please checkout the following guidelines.⁠ ⁠



Handwash and thoroughly rinse after each wear - this prevents longterm chlorine absorption which can cause the fabric to breakdown. ⁠ ⁠



Avoid wearing your Hunza G in a jacuzzi or steam room (older children of course), as the extreme temperatures can damage the fabric and colour of your swimsuit. To help your swimsuit maintain its colour, dry flat and out of direct sunlight.⁠ ⁠



To prevent any damage from sunscreens, ensure you rinse your Hunza G after every use. Sunscreens can cause discolouration, especially on the lighter colours. We know little ones love lots of pool time but rinsing after the pool will help ensure your swimsuit stays perfect for longer.⁠ ⁠



Avoid rough surfaces or accessories which may cause the fabric to pull. The textured nature of the fabric means that it can catch easily on rough surfaces.⁠ ⁠ So there you have it...any questions just let us know. These swimsuits are designed to last, so take care of them and your little one can enjoy years of swimming fun! ☀️