Minna Kids

The Capsule Plate/Tray

£15 £20


This plate by Minna Kids sits close to the table edge, allowing kids to comfortably reach for their food without creating mess.

Plus, the bowl fits neatly inside for greater versatility - enjoy soup with crackers or yogurt with blueberries!

When they outgrow the plate, adults can use it as a key/ring holder or soap tray.

Easy and fun mealtimes await! Specially crafted with a soft, touchable silicone to support tiny hands, this minimalist and playful design provides maximum functionality.

Make mealtime a special occasion with this kid-empowering plate!

The Capsule Plate/Tray - Strawberry Cardamom adds fun and functionality to mealtimes.

Kids can easily reach their food and adults can repurpose the plate as a key/ring holder or soap tray.

Its minimalistic design and soft, touchable silicone make it perfect for mealtime.

Plus, its bowl fits neatly inside, providing parents with even more mealtime options. Enjoy delicious, nutritious meals with this kid-empowering plate!


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