Suns Care SPF 30 Premium Sunscreen - Yellow



This lightweight lotion from Suns Care with SPF 30 defends against the sun's UV rays with superior protection due to its high concentration of UVA filters.

These UVA filters provide significantly better protection against UVA radiation than legally mandated, defending skin from premature aging.

The lotion absorbs quickly, leaving no residue, whilst strengthening the skin's natural barrier and neutralizing UV-related free radicals.

✔︎ high UVA/UVB broadband protection SPF 30
✔︎ intensive care with squalane, vitamin E, jojoba and almond oil
✔︎ neutral fragrance, perfume-free
✔︎ dermatologically tested with "very good" for sensitive skin
✔︎ suitable for all skin types and for sensitive skin
✔︎ 100% non-comedogenic formula
✔︎ for body & face
✔︎ absorbs quickly and without residue
✔︎ vegan and cruelty-free
✔︎ travel size 180 ml 

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