Nailmatic Tattoo Pen Set - Bunny


This limited edition Set by Nailmatic, is composed of two temporary tattoo markers and a sheet of 8 reusable stencils. Find in this box one of our favourite pets: The Bunny. Ami Imaginaire takes us into her world !

Its time to go crazy creative, with these artist temporary tattoo pens! You can Create your own patterns or follow the enclosed activity book. 

The 8 recyclable stencils have been designed to be endlessly reusable. How do they do it? Simply clean them with water after use with a Tattoopen and start drawing again. Have fun telling stories with the 8 themed stencils in the box.

Safe and washable. Ink made with up to 60% water. Suitable for face and body.
Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

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