Mindful Affirmations for Kids


Mindful Affirmations for Kids use positive psychology statements to teach children how to find their inner strength, overcome doubts, and boost self-esteem. Focus young minds on life’s joys and opportunities instead of negativity and limitations. Beechwood stand included.

How it works

→ Mindful Affirmations are designed to help young kids harness the power of positive psychology and learn love, kindness, and acceptance.

→ Positive, mindful affirmations empower kids to try new things, learn from their mistakes, and be grateful for their achievements.

→ When read and repeated daily, affirmations will nurture self-worth and self-love in kids and encourage them to grow into happy and whole human beings.

Put colourful affirmation on display

Each week, your child can choose a new Affirmation Card and place it in a spot they will see often–bedside table, desk, bathroom, or their play nook.

Having mindful encouragement on display will realign their beliefs and thought patterns about themselves and their life.

Morning and night routine

You can read the affirmation together, repeat it as a mood-boosting mantra, or even turn it into a song. Make Mindful Affirmations a part of their daily routine.

Encourage them to read their affirmations shortly after waking up or right before they go to sleep.

Our subconscious mind is most open to suggestions when it is in a relaxed or meditative state.


Choose affirmations that speak to them

Encourage kids to reuse cards that speak to them and skip over any they find less meaningful on a particular day.

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