Bamboo Car Plate Weaning Set


These weaning sets by Eco Rascals are designed to give parents all the tools and confidence to start their child on solids. Packaged in a gift worthy box and filled with matching goodies.

Inside the box:

1x Bamboo car shaped suction plate with two large sections 

1x Bamboo bowl suction bowl 

1 x Bamboo cup with a silicone straw feeder 

1 x Bamboo spoon with soft silicone feeder

2 x Reusable bamboo stalk straws


Gift box dimensions - 32.5x25.5x8.6cm

Car plate - 21.9x18.9x3.3cm

Bowl - 11.5x11.5x7.0cm 

Cup -  11cm, 210ml

Straws - 15cm long

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