Our Journaling Journey

It's been a month since i began journaling with my little one, so wanted to share how its going, and some lovely moments that we've experienced!

First and foremost, i am so proud of my little one for embracing journaling with such enthusiasm! Her little journal is now filled with precious moments of gratitude, from the sun shining bright, to a favourite bedtime story. It's really heartwarming and enlightening to have an insight into her little mind.

But whats even more beautiful is how this journey has helped her to open up more to me. Whenever i used to ask for any information about how her day was, what she enjoyed etc, my questions were met with i can't remember, or i don't know.

Now, each evening, as we sit down to reflect on our day, she tells me what has happened during the day. The prompts in the journal have really helped her to open up, and she has loved writing all about her day, in her journal. It's also a lovely reminder of how children can teach us to appreciate the simple things in life.

Throughout this month of journaling, I have learnt a few tips that i thought i would share:

  • Patience is Key: Some days, my little one didn't feel like journaling, and that's okay. It's important not to force it but instead let the process flow naturally.

  • No Judgments: We both embraced the idea that there are no right or wrong entries in our journal. It's a space for creativity and self-expression, and there's beauty in imperfection.

  • Celebrate Achievements: We took time to celebrate our journaling milestones, such as completing a full week of entries or trying new drawing techniques. These mini-celebrations boosted our motivation.

  • Quality Time: Journaling together provided quality bonding time. It was an opportunity to connect on a deeper level, even when our days were busy.

 Journaling with my 6-year-old has been an incredible experience that has brought us closer together, encouraged creativity, and fostered emotional expression.

It's a journey I highly recommend to other parents seeking a meaningful way to connect with their children. Whether you're capturing memories, nurturing creativity, or simply sharing moments, journaling is a beautiful and enriching activity that can truly deepen your parent-child bond.


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