Holiday packing tips and free checklists

Here at The Little Place we like to travel A LOT!!

My daughter has flown from a very young age and i think I’ve got the whole packing thing down to a T - although i always overpack!

There are dozens of packing lists and printables with a simple Google. But this is one I have created for when we go away, and it works for us, so thought i would share with you.

I have 2 versions, one for those with babies, as theres lots of extras you need when they're little, and one for when they're that little bit older and you don't need all the baby stuff.

I know everyone does it differently. But here are my tops tips for smart packing and free printables to keep you on track…

Do Your Research

A key part of packing is knowing where you are going and what you are doing, right?

WRONG! I cannot tell you how many times we've arrived somewhere and the weather isn’t what we expected. Then I have to spend money on new clothes, or a jacket.

Always check on what the weather is doing well in advance.

Also, check out some blogs and reviews online on the destination, people often leave info and tips of what to do if the weather isn't as expected.

Enquire what is also available to you at your accommodation, and what is around you, should you need to buy something.

Use Packing Cubes


Since I started using cubes, I have never looked back. I bought some from Amazon just to test them out with the full intention of upgrading them.

But my trusty Amazon packing cubes have stood the test of time. Dozens of trips and are still my go-to.

Because I pack my daughters things with my things I need to be able to separate them all and make it easy to unpack at our destination.

I usually keep things like swimwear, underwear and clothes separate, then pop the packing cubes into drawers when we arrive at our destination.

It makes packing easier and allows for a lot more room when you do it this way.

It also helps when you arrive at your destination if there isn't a lot of wardrobe and drawer space!


Pack Last Minute

I know a lot of people think i am crazy but it really is the best way to pack.

I always plan what I am going to pack and then make sure all the washing is done. That way it is all ready to go, and then it’s done super quick.

If I pack too early I either cannot find the stuff because it’s floating around in the wash, or I overpack because I am constantly adding things.

Now that you’ve got my packing tips you can download and print your checklist. Make packing for your next trip super simple, easy and organised.

Pop a number for each item in the squares based on the length of the trip. I use the ‘other’ section for any extras that i think i might need or things out of the ordinary.

On the reverse is a line for each day, as i love planning daily what i will be wearing/what my little will be wearing. We don't necessarily stick to this, but means i have enough outfits for each day and a rough plan.

If you know me, i've always worked in fashion, so outfit planning is just something i love to do, i understand if this isn't a necessity for everyone!

Happy Holidays!!