Grocery Store Self Checkout Centre


Kids long to use the self-checkout stations at stores—just like mum and dad do.

With the introduction of the KidKraft Grocery Store Self-Checkout Centre, they'll finally get the opportunity to scan items, send them down the conveyer belt, bag them and pay the total, as often as they want, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Made of wood and 3 feet wide, this play set satisfies multiple make-believe scenarios.

Grab a basket and be the shopper to peruse the merchandise for fruits, vegetables and other grocery staples.

Step up to the checkout area and place your items on the real moving conveyer belt.

Practice coordination and dexterity by turning the handle to set in motion.

Use the handheld price scanner to ring up purchases.

The lights and sounds from the device make it more realistic than ever. Watch out for those impulse buys right by the register! A bag of chips? A toy perhaps?

The chip bag really holds play potato crisps, and the see-through package can house any small item a child would like to place inside.

Spin the rotating carousel to bag any purchases and then pay.

Swipe the play credit card across the top of the register or insert the play bills and coins into the slots.

When it's closing time, store everything on the shelf below for easy cleanup.

Thanks for shopping!

  • Includes 30 accessories to maximise the fun—play food, bag, credit card, basket and more
  • Teaches basic money skills with both paper bills and plastic coins
  • Rotating bag carousel
  • Handheld price scanner lights up and makes beeping sounds
  • Conveyer belt moves with turn of the handle
  • Open packaging box allows kids to place a toy inside to "sell" their own merchandise, just like an early entrepreneur
  • Made of wood for long-lasting play
  • EZ Kraft Assembly™ for less build time and more play time

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