Little Lockdown Ideas

An activity that has gone down well in our house this week is Drawing Myself.

This kept my toddler entertained for at least an hour, and made me think it is often the simple activities that they like the best.

To do the "drawing myself" activity you will need :

  • A large sheet pf paper, big enough for your child to lie down on
  • A marker, pencil or crayon to draw the outline
  • Crayons, paint, pencils, to decorate and fill in the details 

We used a roll of wallpaper backing paper, so we could just roll to the right length for our toddler.

You'll need to clear a big space, and weight either end of the paper down to stop it rolling. Then have your child lie down on the paper and draw the outline of their body. There was lots of giggling and wiggling, whilst i drew around her and once she got up!

Next time to decorate..we used paint, and asked her what colour clothes she wanted to wear, hair colour, eye colour etc, and also what expression she wanted on her face, or they can just decorate however they like.

My little honestly loved this easy art activity, hope you all have as much fun as we did!